Signal Processing and Communications Research Center (SPCRC)

The Signal Processing and Communications Research Center (SPCRC), set up in 2003, undertakes fundamental and technological research in different aspects of communication engineering, signal, image and speech processing.

SPCRC offers an optional four-semester Honors’ program to third-year B Tech (ECE) students interested in signal processing and communications.

Students who opt for the honor’s program in signal processing & communications take extra courses in signal, image and speech processing, wireless communications and coding theory, beginning the first semester of the third year. These are in addition to the regular courses a non honor’s student enrolls for.

Following are some of the core and advanced courses that honor’s students specializing in Signal processing and communications study:

Besides, the students carry out research in the following areas, by undertaking semester long or year long projects:

  1. OFDM technology
  2. Space Time Wireless Communication
  3. Coding theory
  4. Signal processing
  5. Medical and Biological Image Processing
  6. Speech Processing and Voice over IP
  7. Networking